Momentum rooted in a collaborative journey: the branding story of PeerSphere

By LeeAnne Lavender, PeerSphere Storyteller

In light of the momentum created through September and October – with PeerSphere communities coming to life with their first online sessions – exploring some of the “back story” of the brand gives a sneak peek into the vision of the company.

PeerSphere has had a branding journey that highlights the significance of early choices and the power of collaboration, an important aspect of fostering peer-driven learning communities for educators.

Co-founders Ewen Bailey and Michael Iannini recently took a moment to reflect on their experience partnering with Prokope Agency, which ultimately gave birth to the vibrant and cohesive PeerSphere brand.

One of the most pivotal aspects of the branding journey, Ewen Bailey reveals, was the realization of how much their final brand hinged on two critical early decisions.

“Our brand name,” he explains, “and the subsequent choice between three alternative brand directions were pivotal.” These choices would lay the foundation for the entire brand, shaping its identity and purpose.

At the core of PeerSphere’s identity are values of unity and diversity. As Ewen emphasizes, “What we share in common as educators and staff across areas of schools, is far greater than what divides us.” This idea embodies the essence of PeerSphere communities, which are driven by people with diverse perspectives coming together to solve problems and generate practical ideas. It’s the unity in diversity that makes PeerSphere’s communities stronger and more capable of tackling complex challenges.

Ewen and Michael were aware of the need for outside expertise to shape their brand identity. When they partnered with Prokope Agency to build a logo, brand colours and design templates, the process was efficient and, in less than 12 weeks, the brand was established. Ewen highlights that his role (and Michael’s) was to gather feedback and make key decisions while the agency worked its creative magic.

When asked about what makes him most proud of PeerSphere’s brand, Ewen says, “Everyone I’ve spoken to loves the colour and feel of our brand.”

Michael discovered that the branding process helped build consensus about PeerSphere’s identity, which had a positive ripple effect on other crucial aspects of the company.

“The branding elements have real meaning for me, which instills pride in the brand,” says Michael.

For Michael, the core value that PeerSphere aims to convey is “community.” This single word captures the heart and soul of PeerSphere and, as the PLCs take root and grow this year, Michael anticipates hearing stories of transformation from community members that will illustrate the impact of a peer-driven approach.

The branding journey of PeerSphere is a testament to the importance of early decisions, the power of unity and diversity, and the efficiency of external expertise. As PeerSphere continues to evolve, it promises to unite diverse communities and foster collaboration that can shape the future of education.

Check out this short video that captures the PeerSphere branding journey.

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