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About PeerSphere

Welcome to PeerSphere, where we build thriving communities for education professionals who collaborate to solve meaningful problems related to their role

Our journey began with the vision of co-founders Michael Iannini and Ewen Bailey, seasoned professionals with a combined experience of 30 years in the international education sector. Their paths crossed in China in 2015, igniting a shared commitment to enhance the professional growth of education professionals.

At PeerSphere, we recognized an untapped potential in harnessing the power of collaborative communities. Our belief is simple yet profound: when educators connect, share, and innovate together, the entire education landscape transforms.

Today, the PeerSphere team is committed to nurturing communities where education professionals can not only develop but flourish. We achieve this through close collaboration with our incredible members, strategic school partnerships, and a network of professional community hosts. These hosts, experts in their respective fields, play a pivotal role in each community by hosting a series of live virtual sessions throughout the year.

Our mission at PeerSphere extends beyond just facilitating discussions. We are a peer learning community focused on addressing the unique challenges faced by international school educators and administrators. We understand the hunger for relevant insights, the scarcity of quality resources, and the isolation often felt in the education sector. That’s why we offer a platform for timely discussions, resource sharing, and collaborative problem-solving, all within an environment that appreciates the diverse regional contexts of our members.

Join us at PeerSphere, where your voice is heard, your challenges are shared, and your professional journey is supported by a community that truly understands.

Want to hear more?

Co-founder Michael Iannini talks about who PeerSphere is for and how our communities allow collaboration to meet innovation.

One of our community hosts, Henry Wong explains how PeerSphere communities help members embed changes and access vast amounts of experience.

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