Build Inspiring Professional Connections with us.

Embark on a journey with us, where every interaction enriches your professional life and transforms your potential into better outcomes for the students we ultimately serve. See how your journey will unfold below!


Regular Virtual Meet-ups

Four 90-minute virtual live sessions hosted by experts throughout the school year


Free Access to
In-person Events

Regular in-person topical Peer-to-Peer and hybrid bilingual conferences for various job roles


60+ Communities to Choose from

Unlimited access to our 60+ communities for different job roles and themes

Your Journey with Us

1. Check-in 

1. Activate your membership 
2. Check out your community hub and say hi 
3. Tell us a bit about yourself in the welcome survey 

2. Connect & Engage 

Live Session 1:
1. Meet your peers live 
2. Tell our hosts what and how you want to learn  
3. Think how we can help you grow 

3. Learn & Grow 

Live Session 2-3:
1. Learn from others  
2. Share your expertise


4. Celebrate

Live Session 4:
1. Share your stories of success  
2. Shape the future of your community

Which community could you be part of?

Check out our full list of more than 60 communities
available to you and your school

P.S. As a member, you can join as many as you like…

Dive Deeper into PeerSphere

But that’s not all. Alongside your first-choice community, we have lots of other opportunities for you to connect and learn with others throughout the year:

Peer Coaching

From November to May 



Free virtual access to conferences for Teaching Assistants and Non-Teaching Staff.


Peer-to-Peer Events

Every month in cities across China and East Asia

inter community

Inter-community Webinars & Networking

Hear from experts and discuss with your peers.

Join other communities

Explore as many as you like!

Sphere Stories

Stories and ideas of how to harness the power of Peer Learning from our hosts and members.

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Get inspired, get connected, and get ahead with us!

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Get inspired, get connected, and get ahead with us!

© Peer Sphere. All Rights Reserved 2023

© Peer Sphere. All Rights Reserved 2023

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