Fugee School and PeerSphere Agree Partnership to Empower Refugee Educators

Fugee School, a pioneering institution dedicated to providing quality education to refugee and underserved communities, has partnered with PeerSphere, providing Fugee School teachers with memberships to PeerSphere’s peer learning communities. Memberships are made possible by contributions from Sponsor Schools in the PeerSphere community.

This initiative aims to enhance the professional development of Fugee School teachers by facilitating their engagement in global professional learning communities, where they can share best practices, collaborate on strategies, and gain valuable insights from their peers worldwide.

Kudzai Charlton, Head of Education at Fugee School said, “It is a great pleasure working in partnership with PeerSphere, and their unique approach towards educators’ needs. This approach clearly illustrates that learning has no borders or boundaries, but is just a matter of passion and daily dedication to get better at processes and procedures within schools.”

And PeerSphere’s Co-Founder, Ewen Bailey stated, β€œI’m delighted that PeerSphere will partner with Fugee School to bring their educators into our communities. We believe that diversity combined with curiosity strengthens a community, so I’m excited to see what Fugee Educators bring to our communities, as well as what our communities can do for them.”

This collaboration underscores a shared commitment to advancing education and fostering a global community of empowered educators. Both Fugee School and PeerSphere are excited about the potential of this partnership to make a meaningful impact on the lives of students.

About Fugee School

Fugee School is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing quality education and support to refugee and underserved communities in Malaysia. Through a holistic approach to education, Fugee School aims to empower students and equip them with the skills needed to build a brighter future.

About PeerSphere

PeerSphere builds thriving communities for education professionals that want to collaborate and solve meaningful problems related to their role. In 2024-25, they will offer 60+ Communities, 1-1 Peer Coaching, Peer to Peer events in cities across Asia, and more.

For more information, please visit Fugee School and the PeerSphere Scholarship Programme.

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