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PeerSphere builds thriving communities for education professionals that want to collaborate and solve meaningful problems related to their role.

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About PeerSphere


Five 90-minute professionally hosted virtual meetings.
Community platform where key insights, resources and recordings are shared.
Regular posts on our platform to encourage members to develop ideas and solve problems together.
Recommended connections feature to help you build lasting professional relationships.
Translated materials for our Mandarin and bilingual communities.



A: Host focused and inclusive live sessions that engage all members in timely and relevant learning; Survey members to identify their strengths and areas they want to explore; Identify topic matter experts within and outside the community to share expertise during live sessions and asynchronously on the platform.
A: Our bespoke platform is a one-stop shop for virtual live sessions, asynchronous discussions, and resource sharing. It works without a VPN in China and will allow members to connect with their peers anytime.

A: Our members tell us that we are providing great value for the cost. Our communities are professionally hosted by someone committed to helping you learn and connect with others. By planning and facilitating the live sessions, our hosts ensure that your community is discussing meaningful topics in an effective way.

Many free online communities are fantastic but they can be unreliable due to their dependence on volunteers, and they often fizzle out when the founders move on. PeerSphere is committed to establishing long-term communities that grow stronger over time. Finally, having a community full of committed members means far more engaging discussions and deeper connections.

A: You will be able to pay with a credit card in USD, HKD or SGD, or we can issue an invoice for you in USD or RMB (just select the option when registering).
A: Anyone working at an international school! You don’t have to be a member of any association to join a community. We want diverse and inclusive communities with educators and administrators from a broad range of schools.

Sphere Stories

Stories and ideas of how to harness the power of Peer Learning from our hosts and members.

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) "Unconference" spearheaded by PeerSphere and held at Harrow International School Shanghai in January, was a dynamic showcase of collaborative learning...
As PeerSphere’s peer learning communities continue to grow in fabulous ways, founders Michael Iannini and Ewen Bailey have plans for 2024/25 to offer scholarships for each PLC...
If you’re part of a PeerSphere peer learning community (PLC), you know how powerful peer learning can be. You’ve experienced that first-hand in your regular online sessions....

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