We build thriving communities for education professionals that want to collaborate and solve meaningful problems related to their role.

All of our 2023/24 communities are up and running with peers from over 100 international schools!

Collaborative Learning
for Diverse Educational Needs

PeerSphere transcends the one-size-fits-all approach in education. Our peer learning communities encourage sharing diverse insights and experiences, offering tailored resources and engaging discussions that cater to each educator’s unique professional journey.

Fostering Tomorrow’s Educational Innovators, Today

PeerSphere focuses on equipping educators for current and future challenges in education. Our platform fosters innovative practices and continuous learning, ensuring members stay ahead with relevant strategies and adaptable skills for an evolving educational landscape.

Hundreds of schools have entrusted PeerSphere with the professional development of their staff.


International and Bilingual Schools across Asia


Members from teaching and non-teaching departments


Communities for every role

4.6/5 average rating

400+ member reviews


4 live community sessions for generative learning and timely topics.

Grow Together

Together we can leverage our communities to build our skills and networks and keep improving year on year.

Global Access

Learning across borders. Wherever you are, join the right community for you.

and Peer-led

Inspiring hosts and communities full of people problem solving together.

Thriving Together
What Our Members Saying About Us

Sphere Stories

Stories and ideas of how to harness the power of Peer Learning from our hosts and members.

Several PeerSphere hosts and community members were able to meet in person at the March EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Schools) conference in Bangkok, Thailand. This strengthened...
The culture of peer learning communities produces a shared understanding of teaching goals, methods, and challenges; teachers are encouraged to discuss problems, share resources, and apply effective...
Traditionally, conferences and workshops have served as the primary means to enhance skills and knowledge for educators. However, a paradigm shift is underway that advocates for peer...

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