The Buzz about Peer Learning

By LeeAnne Lavender, PeerSphere Storyteller

If you’re part of a PeerSphere peer learning community (PLC), you know how powerful peer learning can be. You’ve experienced that first-hand in your regular online sessions. 

Recently, two articles published in Education Week and Edutopia highlight the benefits of peer learning for educators. 

The Edutopia article states: “One of the greatest benefits of peer-to-peer PD is that it enables the design of rapid responses to the needs, concerns, and challenges that teachers have right now. Better still, colleagues going through the same issues with the same students can share and model what’s already working for them.” 

The Education Week article is written by Peter DeWitt and focusses on the benefit of peer learning for school leaders. He says, “What we learned, and continue to learn, is that leaders are looking for opportunities to connect with others and learn from those networks, too. The experience we created over the last two years has been life-changing for all of us, and we are excited to deepen the work.”

Check out both articles through the links above to learn more about the many ways peer learning can impact your practice. 

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