Intercultural Communication

June 15 (Saturday), 2024 | 12:00 - 4:00 PM QSI International School of Chengdu Hosted by Sophia Deng & Clare McDermott

This participant-driven gathering is an opportunity to connect in-person, share practices, and explore common professional inquiries.

Through the power of collaboration, we can unlock a world of possibilities in supporting the language development of multilingual learners within our varied contexts.

Through peer sharing, this event offers a unique opportunity for support staff, administrators and educators to enhance their understanding of how to effectively communicate and build relationships with staff, students and parents from other cultures. Participants will be able reflect on how they can improve relationships across the school and share strategies for effectively contributing to a positive school environment.

We’ll cover topics like:

  • Identifying the obstacles to fostering healthier relationships between non-teaching and teaching staff

  • Developing greater awareness and appreciation for interculturalism with parents

  • Developing culturally responsive lessons and activities for students


Sophia Deng

Administrative Manager, Harrow Shenzhen

Sophia is a native Chinese who has worked in bilingual and international schools for 6 years, and found that her mission is to establish a relationship with people from many countries.

Clare McDermott

Director, QSI International School of Chengdu

Annabel Brown

Academic Coordinator, QSI International School of Chengdu

Annabel has experience teaching across all ages, from 2 years old through 18 years old. This year, Annabel has helped implement a new curriculum at QSI Chengdu that’s centered around creating and sustaining an inclusive school environment.

John Kennett

IBDP Coordinator, American International School of Guangzhou


12:00 – 12:15 – Registration and Connecting

12:30 – 12:45 – Welcome Address and Keynote

13:00 – 14:15 – Break-out session #1 (Choose 1 of the topics below to participate in)

  • How can non-teaching staff promote interculturalism (Hosted in Chinese) 

  • How can parents support interculturalism (Hosted in English)

  • Developing culturally responsive lessons and activities for students (Hosted in English)

14:15 – 14:45 – Break

14:45 – 15:30 – Demo Slam / Market Place (2-3 minute presentations of things learned in the breakout rooms)

15:30 – 16:15 – Panel Debrief – Small things everyone can do every day to promote interculturalism

16:15 – 16:30 – Closing Address


Breakout Rooms

Identifying the obstacles to fostering healthier relationships between
non-teaching and teaching staff

In Sophia’s experience working in the internationalized schools in China, teaching and non-teaching departments have clear job segregation. This is initially for the prefessionals to do what they are good at and should be focusing on – teachers to teach, and non-teaching staff to keep the administrative aspects going smoothly. However, it may have caused estrangement and keep the staff from fostering healthier relationships.


Discussion questions:

  1. How would you discribe the relationship between non-teaching and teaching staff in your school? 你会如何形容你们学校的教学员工和非教学员工之间的关系?

  2. What do you think can be celebrated or you have observed some posibble obstacles to fostering healthier relationships between them? 若你认为他们之间的关系特别好,请分享一些具体例子。若你观察到其中有些隔阂,你认为可能是哪些阻碍造成的?

Facilitator: Sophia Deng

Identifying the obstacles to fostering healthier relationships between
non-teaching and teaching staff

Facilitator: Clare McDermott

Identifying the obstacles to fostering healthier relationships between
non-teaching and teaching staff

This session will explore the critical role of cultural responsiveness in creating inclusive and engaging learning environments. In today’s diverse classrooms, it is essential for educators to develop lessons that honor and reflect the cultural backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of their students. This session will facilitate participants in sharing and gaining practical strategies that bring the students cultural and language backgrounds to our classrooms.

Discussion Questions

  1. What does inclusion look like in your classroom?

  2. How does fostering a safe community lead to greater success?

  3. Breaking through the barriers – recognize and reflect the simple changes we can make to ensure inclusivity. 

Facilitator: Annabel Brown


QSI International School

#188 Nan 3 Duan, 3rd Ring Road South, American Garden, Chengdu, 610041, China 四川省成都市三环路南三段188号美洲花园成都美国学校(新校区)

+86-28-8511-3853 | [email protected]

Free for PeerSphere Members / Venture Education

RMB300.00 for non-Members

Refund Policy

If notice of cancellation re the registered participant is received:
  • 30+ days pre-event: 80% of fee is refundable
  • 15-29 days pre-event: 40% of fee is refundable
  • Less than 15 days pre-event: no refund

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In the event of cancellation of a conference, workshop or online PD program, we will fully refund the registration or sponsorship fee(s) paid. However, we will be unable to refund any travel, visa or accommodation expenses incurred or course material fees where access has been granted.

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Intercultural Communication
Peer to Peer: Interactive Workshops for International School Staff

Date: June 15 (Saturday), 2024
Venue: QSI International School Chengdu
Price: Free for PeerSphere/ACAMIS PLC and Venture Education Members, RMB300 for Non-Members

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